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With the support of the Jean Degottex Committee and with the establishment of the catalogue raisonné, Dominique Bollinger, son-in-law of the artist and holder of the moral rights, invites any person or institution with works to contact:

It is possible to use a form, either printable or online, to gather the information needed to register a work in the catalogue. Anonymity, if required, will be respected.

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    1 - Artwork

    2 - Source

    3 - History

    4 - Owner

    Anonymity, if required, will be respected.

    5 - Photography

    If you have one, we invite you to send us photographs of the front and back of the work, in digital form (JPEG format) or paper, preferably of high quality. Any original photograph can be returned to you at your request.
    We would also be obliged to have you send forward photographs of any inscription on the work (signature, date, labels, etc.).

    In order to familiarise and exercise any of your rights, including the withdrawal of your consent to the use of the data collected by this form, please consult ourprivacy policy